Python3 – Random Module

RockPaperScissor Game in Python Randomization module in python In the previous lesson, we have learned conditional statements and Logical operators on python.  I hope, you learned everything. Today we are going to learn about Randomization and listing in python. So head over this lesson. In this lesson, we are going to learn about random modules. … Read more

Signal 5 – Most Secure Messaging App

Signal Messaging App Table of contents Introduction Key Features Privacy Conclusion Introduction to Signal Signal is the Instant Messaging App that also uses Voice Call Over Internet Protocol. It was developed by Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC in 2014. The signal foundation was made by Brian Acton who was the fellow benefactor of WhatsApp … Read more

Python 3 – Conditional Statements and Logical operators

BMI Calculator, Leap Year finder, and Largest Number Finder in Python Introduction In the previous lessons, we talk about Mathematical signs, operations, and string manipulation. I hope you understand everything about our lessons.From this lesson, we will learn all about conditional statements such as if, if-else, else-if, and logical operators. End of this lesson we … Read more

Python 3 – Life in weeks calculator and Mortgage calculator


Life in week calculator in Python In the previous lesson, we have built the BMI Calculator program. Through that program, we have learned a lot such How to do Mathematical functions in a python programming language and string manipulation. And also we learned about “f string” and some extra mathematical signs to make our programs easier. … Read more

BMI Calculator using Python 3

Introduction to Pyhton BMI Calculator. Introduction In the previous lesson, we have made the Lucky Number generator program. By creating that program, we understand what is that type of conversation and string manipulation. And also learned how to use it. And also we made some mathematical calculations using the plus sign to add either string … Read more