Nokia Purebook X14

Introduction to Nokia Purebook x14.

Hello guys, through this article let’s take a look at an innovative smart laptop that was introduced by Nokia and They Named Purebook x14 launched by Flipkart in the Indian market on 14th of December, 2020. Why did they want to release in India? Because in this year demand for High-end computer increased in Indian Market compared to other countries. And the CORONA virus they planned to release online. therefore, they chose Flipkart.

I think this was the first laptop introduced by Nokia, But earlier Nokia has built the Nokia booklet 3g netbook in 2009. From here Nokia started to focus on Mobile Computing. This was the second milestone in the journey. So let’s take a close look at Nokia Pureview x14 Laptop.

When we unbox this laptop there is only an accessory found such as a 65 W fast charger pack and some user manual with a warranty card that all mid-range laptops offer. This charger has a round-shaped pin similar to the old laptop charger pin. But we can charge the full battery via this charger within 2 and ½ hours. While you bring this laptop in your hand you can feel another main feature that is lightweight. Only just 1.1kg. But compares to Apple New MacBook Air, Purebook slightly low at 0.19 kg weight.

What is the reason for lightweight? Because the Nokia Purebook x14 is made up of magnesium-aluminum alloy. But MacBook Air fully made up of aluminum. So the MacBook is more weight than the Nokia Purebook x14. Not only feel lightweight but also thinnest laptop. But compared to MacBook air it has more width just only 0.70 mm.

There is only black color available for the body. So there is no choice on color and don’t want to waste the time by confusing. When we turn to look around for case architecture the bottom of this Nokia Purebook x14 there is a mesh vent to release the heat. So they handle the very good technique to vent out the heat. But you can see some hardware parts through the mesh vent. So be careful from water while using it on waters surrounded area and rainy days. We have to keep the indoor activities and more suitable for indoor. There is no issue with heat. Nokia places the down-firing speakers placed on the bottom for the loudness.

When we take a look around for ports and expansion slot, every port fitted with 16.8 mm thickness. And this only the high-end laptop that offers an RJ45 network LAN port. And its offer one HDMI port, four USB port such as two USB 3.1, one USB 2.0, and USB 3.1 Type C. So we can charge the laptop through the USB 3.1 Type C port using any power adapter. And it has a 3.5mm one headphone port. that was actually audio-out and mic-in port. I think this laptop can connect via all-round connectivity.

And Nokia Purebook x14 features 14 inches Full HD LED-backlit IPS display. That supports Dolby Vision HDR. The Nokia Purebook offers an 86% of screen to body ratio. There is a Dolby ATMOS and Dolby vision badge. So it will give the best experience to users through the very best quality sound and very very high-quality video.

It featured with Intel core i5 10th generation processor. It offers a 1.6Ghz clock speed that increases with a turbo boost up to 4.2 GHz. Another best feature is the Keyboard backlight and precision touchpad. I hope It will give a very good experience of indoor darkness. Inbuilt with windows 10 Home 64 bit architecture lifetime licensed Operating System. Nokia Purebook x14 has pre-installed with App called “Control center” that can ability change the fan speed modes and more functions.

When we come to processor and memory features, it has built with an Intel Core i5 10th generation processor. It has a Hyper-Threading function with a quad-core with 6MB Intel smart cache memory. We can experience multitasking and smooth surfing. One of the best features is this built with NVMe 512 Solid State Disk. So this is 3x times faster than Normal Solid State Drive. In the crystal disembark benchmark app it has 2.4 GB very high scores speed IO rate. The geekbench 5 has 10000 scores of a single core and 2356 multi-core score.

And offers 8 GB DDR4 Random access memory. We can upgrade to 16 GB through dedicated two memory slots. It will give the fastest experience in boot-up and file transferring. But a little bit low in graphics experience because they used Intel integrated UHD 620 graphics processing unit. This is not best suited for gaming. Because of city bench r15 score for CPU score of 433 and Open_GL of 37 scores. But it gives an immersive visual experience. This very suitable for daily routine works, such as Browsing, Office work, and Online classes. Don’t worry, also we can get good experience in edit 4K videos.

Above the display, they placed the HD IR webcam. Through this feature, we can experience the face ID unlocking function. So when we open the lit, it starts to work through the windows authentication with the infrared ray sensor. The webcam has featured to record 720p video. It’s actually a 14-inch screen that has 1920 x 1080 pixel screen resolution. Which is using Full Ultra High Definition IPS LED-backlit display with support Dolby vision. The screen has 250 nits brightness indoor. But compared to MacBook Air it’s a low amount. For the amount of money, it is affordable. And not suitable for outdoor usage.

Along with this Nokia Purebook x14, has Dolby ATMOS. We can get full experience through the weird 3.5 mm pin Headphone. The speakers will be much louder compared to other windows laptops. In addition, built with a Realtek HD Audio sound chip and dual microphones placed beside of IR webcam, and dual speakers placed on the bottom. When we talk about connectivity features, it has Intel Wireless-AC 9560 adapter. This featured as Wi-Fi standard IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac with dual-band connectivity and also Integrated Ethernet LAN. And has Bluetooth Version 5.1 connectivity.

So if you have a plan to buy a laptop or fan of Nokia products and your priority is thin and lightweight with high-end technology at a mid-range price, So Nokia Purebook x14 is the first in your list. I hope this will guide you. 

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